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Includes Built-In Bright LED Flashlight, Glass Breaker, & DNA Catcher for Self Defense!
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From: John

RE: The Ultimate Tactical Pen

I started using this tactical pen about 6 months ago,.. and I've never gone anywhere without it since! 

Its THAT good...

Let me tell you - this is now my 'go-to' piece of everyday carry gear.

Before I found this tactical pen, my pockets were always bulging and uncomfortable due to all the stuff I was carrying around on a daily basis..

On a "light" day, I would carry a flashlight, pocket knife, glass breaker, and one or more writing pens (that never seemed to work).

Having this tactical pen, has been a game-changer for me.

Its got everything I need, all-in-one small & convenient package.

Definitely recommend the Under Control Tactical pens for anyone looking for a rugged, durable, and highly-useful tactical pen.


It has some unique built-in features that I've not seen before and really sold me on this particular tactical pen...

It has a matte black finish and no visible logos or branding on, which is ideal for stealth everyday carry. Unlike some of the other ones I've seen with a "large gun manufacturer's"  logo bringing unwanted attention everywhere I go...

It has everything I need, all-in-one compact & lightweight unit.   Best of all, it comes with a belt clip, so I can keep my pockets free.

Its compatible with Fisher Space pen refills, which are my go-to because they write great, even upside down...

It's flashlight is surprisingly bright and the "DNA catcher" is great to have readily-available if you should ever need for self defense.

Best-of-all, its super light, easy-to-use, and the perfect multi-function tool that my wife and loved ones feel comfortable carrying every single day...   

If you're looking for a great, all-around tactical pen for you or as a gift for someone else, you can't go wrong with the Under Control Tactical pen!
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- John 
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